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Poklar Power Motion—All the System Controls to Manage Your Industrial Process

In any automation project, there is a need for the right devices to manage, command direct or regulate other devices in the process. A wide range of system control devices are available, let us help you find the best solutions for the application.

Safety Solutions
Euchner-USA: Safety (Interlock Switches, Non-contact Safety Switches, Enabling Switches, E-stop Buttons/Modules, Rope Pull Switches), Automation (ID Coding Systems, Limit Switches, Inductive Sensors) and Man-Machine interfaces (Pendant Stations, Handwheels, Joysticks, Electronic Keys).

WERMA Signaltechnik: designs and manufactures optical and audible signal devices. Optical devices include signal towers, beacons and warning lights. Audible devices include buzzers horns and sounders.

System Controls
JW Winco: Operating, Clamping and Machine Parts

Operator interface Solutions
AMK: AMAC A-series controls are flexible, open, and scalable. Available in a machine control system version and in a SmartPanel version, combining a PLC control with motion control. Operating systems include Linux and Windows. The SmartPanels are also available in IP69K degree of protection.

Tension and Load Solutions
Cleveland Motion Controls: web and wire tension control systems, web tension transducers/load cells, analogue and digital web tension indicators, web tension amplifiers and web tension controllers

Nexen: Web control systems include tension control and web guide systems for the web industry. Nexen Tension Control will rewind and unwind with consistent torque and efficient heat dissipation. Nexen tension control clutches and tension control brakes have the friction facing options, specific friction materials and tolerances required to provide ultimate web tension control. Nexen offers small to large web guides with or without the AE120 controller, in self-contained or free-standing units. Controlled lateral alignment of the web is essential for providing high quality product and reducing scrap and waste.

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Representatives for the Power Transmission and Motion Control Industry
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